Sunday, April 14, 2013

when THIS becomes THAT

It started as a seaside sculpture that’d been YARN-BOMBED. The community of Holdfast Bay, SA, including me, KNITTED, CROCHETED and finally STITCHED wool scraps around the metal creation called RHYTHM.

The brightly coloured shape ENLIVENED the environment and gave FUN and PLEASURE to all for a month.

But what was to happen to the sculptured pieces afterwards? Had they reached their used-by date?

My picture book, SHIRL AND THE WOLLOMBY SHOW provided the answer.

The resolution of Shirl the Sheep’s problem was to use remnants of knitting and create a SCARECROW.

With the help of artist, Violet Cooper, the Holdfast Bay Community Development Officer, Jenni Reynolds organised a children’s workshop, called SCRAPPY SCARECROWS.
At the workshop we created Rex the Scarecrow, and his friends, Harry the Duck and Scare-Dog.

Meet Rex the Scarecrow, Harry the Duck and Scare-dog.
At the moment they’re display treasures at the local libraries . . .but after that? Well, they’ll be off to live in a newly created Community Garden in North Glenelg, SA.

Just where a scarecrow and friends should be!

What a lovely recycling story.


  1. Indeed a wonderful recycling story in many ways Janeen- well done!

  2. Thanks Lorraine. You're right in that it did tap into so many ways of recycling - and gathering the community together.

  3. Love the scare-dog. Fabulous. I'm also a big fan of recycling and re-purposing, as evidenced by my wardrobe!

    Marianne M

  4. The children had a great time with scare-dog, Marianne. They really seemed to relate to him. And I like recycling my wardrobe too!