Monday, June 27, 2011

Threes in writing

I love threes in writing.

Threes in lists. Threes as an action builder. Threes to mount suspense.

It’s all so satisfying.

First the set-up. Then the body. Then the climax.

Here’s a set up of threes from my latest ms, called What a Mouthful!

‘And courage and guts is also what it takes to stand up in front of hundreds of kids who have to sit and listen to you. From up on stage, you can hear their razor-like minds sharpening for the kill. Their elbows hovering to nudge each other. Their mouths bent, ready to guffaw into their chests.’

And here a three photos, with no apparent connection, apart from the fact that they are part of my writing and reading world.

How could I promote my passion of adults reading to kids?

Easy. Have a sticker made for the back windscreen of my car! Apart from promoting my website, it states Please read to your children every day!

Here’s Rosanne Hawke and myself in Port Augusta, South Australia. I launched her latest book, Taj and the Great Camel Trek, and because we’ve both written a number of camel books, we’re now known asThe Cameladies!

This dapper chap was snapped at the Kernewek Lowender, a festival in Yorke Peninsular, South Australia, celebrating the culture of early Cornish miners, who left Cornwall in the 1800’s to work in the copper mines. Notice the papier mache ‘hard-hat’ and the candle for light in the tunnels. I have researched and written a novel called Mined-Out (or Arthur Underground)about this period. It’s out at publishers at the moment.


  1. Next sticker suggestion - Honk if you love reading to kids!

  2. That's great, Book Chook!

  3. Honk? Let's have BEEP! :)
    Love reading your little blogs, Janeen! I feel like I'm down there in Adelaide with you. ♥♥

  4. What a nice thing to say! Thanks Sheryl. Happy honking - or beeping!

  5. I love your threes theory Janeen and your car sticker too :)

  6. Thanks Anna -nice of you to comment. Janeen

  7. Your car sticker is a brilliant idea! The Janeen-mobile. :-)

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  9. Thanks, sewa mobil - much appreciated. Janeen